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The Autistic Initiative project (closed)

The Autistic Initiative ProjectInheritance Fund

Organiserade Aspergare Inheritance Fund project Autistiskt Initiativ was run from September 2014 to October 2017 in Örebro, where it had premises at Landbotorpsallén 25 A.

The Autistic Initiative was a working life-oriented project of the Swedish Invalidity Fund aimed at high-functioning autistic people and employers in the regular labour market. Courses and mentoring helped autistic people to develop their skills for a professional role, while at the same time making workplaces aware of the skills available and how they can be used.

The project was quite unique, everyone working in the project had Asperger’s diagnosis themselves and created a very pleasant environment where it was easy to grow and develop.

The project was based in Örebro, but had participants from other parts of the country, and also travelled around and had thematic meetings in Stockholm and Gothenburg, among other places.


Svante Norr
Responsible project manager
E-mail: svante.norr@aspergare.org
Telephone: 070-610 06 31

Anders Falk
E-mail: anders.falk@aspergare.org
Telephone: 070-610 06 79


Digital lecture: “Autistic people and today’s labour market”

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