Welcome to the Organiserade Aspergares Christmas Table 2022!

During the weekend of 9 – 11 December, the Board will hold its winter conference at its headquarters in Örebro. During the weekend there will also be the opportunity to talk to the National Board. On Friday, the association invites its members to Christmas dinner at Stadsträdgården at. 18:00. There will be a buffet for all tastes. If you have anything special to report, such as food allergies, please write it in the message box below.

Location: Stadsträdgården, Floragatan 1, 702 13 Örebro
Time: FRIDAY 9 December at. 18:00
Contact: info@aspergare.org or Anders Falk at 070-610 06 79

In order to plan, we need to know how many and which autistic people will participate.

14 + 5 =

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