Hemsidan har flyttats till vår nya domän autister.org, där ny information som blogginlägg hamnar. Du hittar oss här: https://autister.org

Become a member

Membership costs 150 SEK per year and as a member you have the right to participate in our common leisure activities and membership meetings where decisions are made. In addition, you will be invited to our weekly virtual café evenings, where autistic people keep in touch.

Membership is granted to anyone who has or considers themselves to have Asperger’s syndrome or any other diagnosis on the autism spectrum. We therefore accept your own suspicion of a diagnosis and do not require you to have a formal diagnosis.

Anyone who does not have a diagnosis and does not think they do, but would still like to support us and our work, can become a supporter and also pay 150 SEK per year. You will then receive all current information and may be invited to special meetings and activities.

Companies who want to sponsor us are very welcome!
Contact us for more information!

To become a member of the OA, please fill in the form below and choose your preferred district. The OA has bankgiro: 431-8473 and Swish: 123 290 49 10. Membership fees and donations can be deposited there.

By completing the membership application form, you consent to the OA registering the personal data you have provided to us in the association’s membership register. The membership register is managed by parts of the National Board and the persons in charge of our district branches. The personal data is only used to manage the membership and to send out membership information. OA complies with applicable laws and regulations when processing personal data.


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Digital lecture: “Autistic people and today’s labour market”

Digital lecture open to all on Sunday 12 February.  Register for the lecture